Algemene voorwaarden - Formule 1 Meester

Terms and Conditions - Formule 1 Meester

    By registering to take part in the Formule 1 Meester competition governed by these terms and the rules (as defined below) (the "Formule 1 Meester game"), you agree to be bound and adhere to the following conditions:                             

    Applications and Registration

  1. All applications by participating in the Formule 1 Meester game should be made available online on the Formule 1 Meester website (the "Site") and its strictly in accordance with the relevant instructions. No applications to enter in any other way be accepted. If your application is accepted, you will become known as a "player" in the following conditions.
  3. Participation in the Formule 1 Meester game is open to both residents of Netherlands and non-residents of the Netherlands. See terms "Applicants under 18" if you are under 18, because these are additional terms that apply to you in the Formule 1 Meester game.
  5. Applications may be submitted by third parties and / or the parties. No responsibility can be accepted for lost, delayed or incomplete entries or entries that are not received by Formule 1 Meester for any reason. Such registrations shall be deemed null and void (with which the decision of Formule 1 Meester in this regard is final).                 
  7. Although no deadline for registration will be Formule 1 Meester publish from time to time limits within which you must be registered as players assigned to qualify for points with respect to a round of the competition. Such information about how and when to enter the Formule 1 Meester game forms part of these terms and conditions.
  9. Formule 1 Meester reserves the right team names or league names deemed to be inappropriate, offensive or confusing to refuse. All names can be changed and therefore rejected by Formule 1 Meester within 7 (seven) days. In the event that the proposed alternative name for the account of an applicant to the Formule 1 Meester game play is rejected again in such a situation, the choice of Formule 1 Meester will be treated as the candidate concerned being in breach of these terms and conditions.                 
  11. Any personal information you provide will be regulated in accordance with the privacy of Formule 1 Meester policies and Dutch legislation the same. For clarity, we will never disclose your personal information to others unless a) it is limited to those matters set out in Article 19-20, or b) if we are required to do so by a competent authority or court in the Netherlands.                 

    The Rules

  13. Formule 1 Meester game will be governed by the rules from time to time published on the website of Formule 1 Meester ("Rules"). Formule 1 Meester reserves the right to alter, modify or supplement the Rules from time to time at its sole discretion in the event of circumstances beyond the reasonable control that occur or where it considers it necessary to do so . You agree that no liability is attached to the Formule 1 Meester as a result of such a change and so are advised to regularly read the Rules. The Rules form part of these terms and conditions.                 
  15. Formule 1 Meester the sole decider of all matters of interpretation of the rules will and all aspects of the content of his, or Formule 1 Meester playing the Formule 1 Meester game. Formule 1 Meester will not be in correspondence relating to this area and its decision to any matter arising out of or in connection with the Rules, including but not limited to the allocation of points to a Player and / or attribution a price and / or rankings or standings are final and binding.

    Inbox and posts

  17. The Formule 1 Meester game is Formule 1 Meester want to facilitate a self-moderated discussion group and message board facility for Formula 1 fans. Formule 1 Meester does not pre-screen, any content posted or distributed via the messages.
  18. Because the messages are self-moderated, you must understand that when using the Formule 1 Meester game, you could encounter content that is offensive or objectionable. If you are dealing with such content then you are free to file a complaint with regard to this register. You should note that the views expressed in posts are the views of the person, which may differ from that of Formule 1 Meester.
  19. If you post one or vertsuurd you confirm that:
    - The message contains nothing that would be a violation of these terms;
    - The message is non-confidential and non-proprietary and that Formule 1 Meester can use that message in any way in its sole discretion and without recognition, and
    - Users of the bulletin board to access the message on terms similar to this.
    If you want to limit the use of messages, then you are advised to submit not.
  20. You are fully responsible for any posts you make. You are fully responsible for any losses in Formule 1 Meester or other users may suffer as a result of any posts you make, or otherwise arising out of your use of the Formule 1 Meester game.
  21. In general, you should make sure that you only use the message boards to messages (in the reasonable opinion of Formule 1 Meester) is legal, decent, good and relevant.
  22. By way of example, and without limiting your obligations under Article 25, be sure that you:
    - Comply with the instructions of Formule 1 Meester;
    - Do not defame, threaten, harass, abuse or otherwise violate the rights of others (whether they Users of Formule 1 Meester or not);
    - Not to post any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, offensive or unsuitable;
    - Not with Formule 1 Meester, a member of the Formula1 racing team, or Formule 1 Meester game of Formula 1 into disrepute;
    - Not promote or provide unauthorized instructions to others;
    - Posting which could interfere with the intellectual property or confidential information of others;
    - Do not post commercial messages or advertisements;
    - Do not pretend to be someone else
    - Do not use the message boards to harvest personal information about others
    - No personal information about others contained in any messages unless the use is lawful, or you have their permission
    - Not sending viruses or other malicious code
    Note: Formule 1 Meester will seek to use those terms to prohibit all such behavior. However, Formule 1 Meester can not guarantee that you will not be exposed to such behavior. If you encounter it, do not hesitate to make a complaint accordingly by emailing
  23. Formule 1 Meester advises you to be careful in revealing personal information about yourself on message boards.
  24. Formule 1 Meester reserves the right at any time and for any reason whatsoever:
    - Temporarily or permanently suspend your access to the message boards;
    - Delete your messages;
    - Require your future posts to pre-screened;
    - Any other action against your account at its discretion
  25. Applicants under 18

  26. If you are under 18, then you're welcome to take the Formule 1 Meester game, but you must carefully read these terms and ensure that a parent or guardian who is responsible, that do, before submitting your application.

    Responsibility and Remedies

  28. The degree of responsibility of Formule 1 Meester is determined in the context of the following:
    - You are responsible for all actions that you may or may not take as a result of the Formule 1 Meester game and the information therein
    - You are responsible for ensuring that your equipment is switched on with the necessary up-to-date antivirus software
  30. While Formule 1 Meester will endeavor to ensure that the Formule 1 Meester game is available for you at all times and that the contents are correct and accurate, it can not have any legal obligation commit to you that this will be the case. Yet Formule 1 Meester do its utmost to skillfully and carefully to provide the service to you.
  31. - Formule 1 Meester can not accept any liability to you for any of the following types of damage which you may suffer as a result of your access to the Formule 1 Meester game;
    - Damage that could not be provided for you and Formule 1 Meester when you first applied for the Formule 1 Meester game (even if that loss is given as Formule 1 Meester to meet these requirements or her negligence);
    - Any business losses that you suffer, including loss of revenue, profits or anticipated savings (whether such losses are the direct or indirect result of failure Formule 1 Meester);
    - Other than loss suffered by you as a result of our failure to comply with these terms or our negligence or breach of statutory duty;
    - Any damage you suffer as a result of or in connection with or arising from any price;
    - Nothing in these terms limits the Formule 1 Meester's liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or if they deliberately lied to you before you enter
  32. Any breach by you of the rules is also a violation of these terms and conditions.
  33. In the event of any breach by you of these terms and conditions Formule 1 Meester reserves the right in order to: - Take all the measures described above;
    - Access to the Formule 1 Meester refuse game;
    - Disqualify you from the Formule 1 Meester game;
    - Require a reasonable modification of your application or enrollment
  34. If you blocked or disqualified from participation, you are not eligible to participant in the Formule 1 Meester game under another identity or team name. Such a decision by Formule 1 Meester is final.
  35. If any of these terms are determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, then all other provisions shall remain in full force yet.
  37. These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Netherlands.