How to use Grand Prix Masters?

Easy subscribe!

At Grand Prix Master you can register through your address outside also sign up easily through Facebook. Participation in the F1 Manager game is free!
When registering, we only ask your team name and you can supplement your profile with an avatar. This can be your Facebook photo, a Gravatar or a default icon.

Make a lineup

In a simple way you can create your team, challenging budget ensures that you have to make choices and make an informed decision. You should be with your challenging budget 2 cars assemblies, both of which must have a driver, engine and chassis. The only restriction to this is that every Formula 1 team two drivers, chassis parts or may prepare.
Are you unexpected on the road or on vacation, no problem, through the mobile site of Grand Prix Master you can change your team!


On the basis of the results in the Formula 1 to score points you too. There are various ways through qualifying and through the race.
However, you drafted or driver components gets negative points if he is not finished, gediskwalficeerd or is not started.

Ultimate subleagues

Fight together or against friends, family or colleagues. Here is Grand Prix Master the best player. You score at Grand Prix Master not only your high scores but on several other scores, such as positives, negatives, scores compiled by driver and you can easily compare your scores per round. You struggle in different parts together, this makes Grand Prix Master very unique and provides an extra dimension to the subleagues. Therefore, we call this the "ultimate Subleagues"!

Mobile version

Are you on the road, you're on the train or you just got your dog for a walk and you have to adjust your team? No problem, the site of Grand Prix Master also works on a mobile! Here are even more great options if you rotate your screen and get more information
Also you can during a race still just show your friends that you brought a good score :-)